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  • Cultivate prayer communities in 237 nations.
  • Translate Biblical resources into 16 languages.
  • Facilitate Attack Lambs trainings in 132 nations.
  • Bring human, material, & spiritual resources through parenting, education, economic development, & healthcare to 50 nations.
  • Build 30 sustainable harvest centers.


cultivate prayer
communities in 237 countries

At its core, SEAPC is a global Christian community that believes lives and nations are changed through prayer. Wherever there are people, there is a need for humble servants of God to pray for and with those people. It is our goal to establish a prayer community, or a group of prayer walking Christians, in every nation–ones who are eager to walk in the resurrection power of Christ, to pray over their communities, families, and local leaders, and to see Christ-based change as a result. 

So far, SEAPC has seen prayer communities develop in 164 nations. You can get involved by providing financial resources for others to go and pray in these nations, or you can join a short term trip yourself and see God at work.


translate Biblical resources
into 16 languages

For years, SEAPC has worked side-by-side with ministries around the globe, to provide Biblical curriculum, prayer walking guides, and other faith-building resources for nations in need. As of 2023, we had have completed the translation into 13 languages, and with your help, we can complete this important mission by the end of 2026.

Translation is arduous work, and it involves many different skill sets. Teams of talented, mission-minded translators are striving diligently to provide these spiritually rich materials to people groups who have traditionally been underserved and unnoticed. You can get involved by praying for these efforts to reach completion, and by giving to our World Changers initiative. Visit to partner with this important mission and help us change the world by delivering Biblical truth into the nations.


facilitate Attack Lambs
training in 132 nations

Our founder, Mark Geppert, wrote The Attack Lambs: Prayer That Changes the World to teach people the power of walking and praying. This concept of prayer walking is the basis of everything we do at SEAPC and is the reason SEAPC was founded. 

The Attack Lambs is an educational resource for any Christian who desires to pray more intentionally and effectively, but doesn’t know where to begin. When you partner with SEAPC, you help us provide this resource, along with interactive training sessions, to Christians in every continent. We are currently at 58 nations, nearly halfway to our goal of 132 nations trained. Help us complete the mission and change the world through prayer walking.


bring human, material, and
spiritual resources to 50 nations

What started years ago as a small children’s home in Cambodia has grown into a global effort to shower the nations with resources vital for community health and growth. These resources fall into four different categories: education, parenting, healthcare, and economic development. Our ministry partners include schools, children’s homes, trade school programs, medical clinics, and many more.

We currently have ministry partners operating in 31 nations, but we are burdened to do so much more. Your partnership can help us to change the world and to reach our goal of serving 50 nations across these four platforms by the end of 2026.


build 30 sustainable
harvest centers

Our desire is to see more ministry centers established, continuing the work of Christ in their communities while also sending out resources to other nations. These harvest centers are self-sustained extensions of the SEAPC ministry network, and although each one may look a little different from the rest, they all share the same burden, the same Christ-centered mission, the same values, and the same goals.

As of 2023, God has used SEAPC to set up 17 of these centers and we are faithfully trusting that He will build 13 more by the end of 2026. Your partnership with SEAPC can help achieve this goal and create a changed world.

Your partnership can make a difference.

God uses people to help other people. Are you interested in being used by God to change the world, to help those in need, and to unite Christians in prayer? Do you have a burden to be a part of something bigger than yourself, and to see lives and nations changed?

We would be honored to have you partner with us to pray for and financially support this initiative. Together, we can bring Christ-based change to nations around the world.

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