South East Asia Prayer Center is a Christian global community of friends that believes that lives are changed through prayer.

SEAPC works among the people in the platform that the Lord creates, such as healthcare, parenting, microeconomic development, and education while praying the Lord’s blessing upon the Nation.

We know that prayer changes lives because it has so changed ours.

Based on 1 John 5:14-15, SEAPC believes that if we live according to God’s will, and ask according to God’s will, then He hears and grants the petition we desire of Him.

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Go into the world.

Are you striving to do something meaningful with your vacation time in 2018? Prayerfully consider joining a SEAPC Vacation with a Purpose short term team trip and you will be impacting the lives of others. Follow the link below to see upcoming opportunities.

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Financially support SEAPC in general or for a particular project with as much finance as the Lord allows, or participate in a short-term team opportunity or volunteer effort.

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