Mobilizing for a Mission

| By Mark Geppert | Prayer

In the vision the Angel of the Lord flew very rapidly around the perimeter of the Muslim world. Every now and again it would stop and test the adhesive that holds the veneer of Islam over the native cultures of the region. Along the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the Angel stopped at the mouths of nine rivers. These are streams that flow from the central highland rainforest to the South China Sea.

It was in these places that 14th century traders brought Islam to the peninsula. These were the gateways. The Angel then placed a wedge at the river mouth and, as the prayers of the Saints gave power, drove the wedge deeply lifting the veneer and revealing the natural state of the beautiful hard woods beneath.

Then, as the prayer warriors became a worship team, and sounds of praise were raised to the Lamb on the throne of heaven, the Angel applied steam to the wood, removed the glue, polished the natural faith of the peoples, and released them from centuries of a foreign religion. As this vision was shared in 1992, I realized that we would have a continuous prayer relationship with this great nation of Malaysia. With David Koo, Dave Linglebach, and Moses Kho, I walked the length of the Peninsula. We prayed along that coast, slept in the villages, prayed with Muslim families, and reached out to connect with all along that line.

We documented the nine rivers and the history of Islam in the region. The ways in which this religion was imposed upon the Malay people and their inability to resist the allurement in contained. Our drive to cooperate with the Angel took us next to the Island of Borneo and the Kingdom of Brunei. There we traced Islam to the jetty of Junjugang about 10 km upstream from the sea. There we offered substitutional repentance prayer. The Borneo Bulletin reported the next morning that the river had gone from filthy pollutant to clear water and never before seen species of mature fish appeared in fishermen’s nets from the jetty at Junjugang.

Next we found ourselves teaching on prayer and ministering deliverance in major Malaysian cities, forming close ties with the Christian church in Malaysia and even joining for short term missions to Cambodia, Tibet, and prayer walks in Singapore and Taiwan. The Lord showed us that each place that would start 24/7 prayer would start to bubble up under the veneer so that when it started to be rolled back, these places would give way quickly. Malaysia is now a nation of 24/7 prayer. In cooperation with the Angel of the Lord, we united the churches in Kuala Lumpur on the 40th anniversary of the racial massacre that had seen thousands of Chinese Christians beheaded and their bodies thrown into the rivers so that they ran red with martyr’s blood. We worked together with so many wonderful believers and declared an end to the generation of fear and the beginning of the generation of liberty in Malaysia. Now the son of the then prime minister has been found to have taken more than a billion U.S. dollars from the till and will be prosecuted.

This year, we are again called to pray for Malaysia and we are gathering the SEAPC Christian Global Community in Malacca for a week of united prayer and worship at the historic Christian gateway to the Malay peoples. We are so excited that the Lord has called us to mobilize Malaysians for mission. We are thrilled to have our Friends Around the Table gather with these who have suffered persecution as though persecuted with them and to join them to the Back to Jerusalem Movement.

Please pray for these meetings. Please pray for open vision to receive the continuing direction of the Holy Spirit in this marvelously strategic move to unite all nations to praise and worship and to see the Angel of the Lord camp around those who call on His name. We will hold a Prophetic Presbytery in which those of us with confirmed Prophetic giftedness will minister to those who request a word for continued direction. We will receive teaching from those familiar with Islam and successful in outreach, and we will hear from those who are seeing thousands come to Christ in Muslim nations.

We will also hear from those trained in the School of the Spirit who will share Bible and anointing for a release of miracles of healing and deliverance. Please pray for and support the cost of these meetings, Friends Around the Table/Mobilizing Malaysians for Missions.


Mark Geppert

Mark Geppert, Founder of SEAPC, has over 40 years of international missions experience in over thirty countries. He has authored four books: The Attack Lambs, Stepping Stones, Bridges and A Faith To Die For. He travels extensively to teach, network, oversee and inspire existing projects and research new avenues for sustainability and evangelization. He and his wife, Ellie, have two sons and two grandsons.

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