Open Doors in Thailand

| By Hongsunee Uarattanaraksa | Education

God gave me four acres of land and now His plan has begun through SEAPC in Nong Khai, Thailand. I thank God, because He used a little person like me for His great work. God has opened many doors to serve and reach people
for Him in Thailand.

Even though Thailand’s schools have long taught English, the quality of English education is still very low. Most Thai people cannot fully communicate in English. Thailand is a member of ASEAN and needs English for communication, and while English has become very important and Thai people are becoming more active in speaking English, they still lack places to study. Teaching English is the first door to open for me to serve Him.

Additionally, God has not only given me the opportunity to be an English teacher, but also to be a lecturer for training teachers, government officials, and staff in workplaces. This will give me so many more chances to witness and proclaim the gospel.

Because it is not legal to teach the Bible openly in Laos, some people from Laos will cross the border into Thailand to study the Bible. However, this is difficult for brothers and sisters from Laos because it is expensive to pay for accommodations in Thailand. And here’s the second door to serve through this new center for SEAPC Thailand.

God gave me a vision to bring the gospel to the Vietnamese people and make disciples. And here’s the third open door for SEAPC Thailand.

In the future, this center for SEAPC Thailand will have a church, Bible school, dormitory, and learning center for community service.

Thank God for bringing a good team to work together as a body of Christ at SEAPC Thailand in Nong Khai, to multiply and be fruitful for the Kingdom of God. And thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers for Thailand. May God Bless you all!

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Hongsunee Uarattanaraksa

Hongsunee is the head of SEAPC Thailand and is also a seasoned professional in Thailand's higher education sector.

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