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According to Isaiah 49:11-12, the Chinese are coming to Zion!Asia-Map-adjusted-300x250 It is exciting to live in Asia at this time in history. It feels like the air is so pregnant, and the gospel torch has been passed to the Asian church to complete the task to reach all nations. It was in a vision years ago that God gave to the Chinese the task of bringing the gospel back to Jerusalem, through the old Silk routes that traverse China through Central Asia, Israel and Turkey. God also gave Pastor Mark a congruent mission, the task of prayer walking from Beijing to Bethlehem.IMG_0392-300x205

In the Asia Homecoming Meeting, held in Hong Kong this month, fifteen thousand faithful, representing many nations, came to seek God and pray for Asia that God will bring home the lost. The message is also that God is using Asians in this end time harvest to reach the Jews and Muslims. There were accounts of revivals happening all over Asian countries. The Japanese church is excited about how God is moving in this nation, previously so closed to the gospel. There was reconciliation between Japanese and Koreans, and with Malaysians, Singaporeans, Taiwanese, Mainland Chinese, as all held hands to seek the Lord to repent of the sins of their nations.

As members of the 611 Bread of Life church here in Hong Kong, we are excited about what God is doing in Asia. There are now over 70 branch churches that 611 has planted all over Asia. We had the opportunity to know two of the pastors from Japan that were trained at 611 and commissioned to go back and plant churches in Osaka and Hokkaido. Just this year, there was a team sent to prayer walk in Northeast China. God is moving here!

We long to see Abraham’s house be very, very full of Ishmael’s descendants, as well as Isaac’s. A highlight for us this year is that we were able to prayer walk at mosques in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Turkey. At one of the trips, we blew the shofar in Istanbul’s Asia side declaring that God has come to the Middle East! We were amazed at how receptive young Turks were to the God’s tangible presence and how his love and healing power melts any heart hostile to Him. It’s time for Ishmael to come home to the house of Abraham.


~Steve Chang


Guest Author


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