Let Your Light Shine

There are not many other missions opportunities that we have found to shine the light of Jesus into darkness more than the Raising Kids Tour. Our memories of the 2013 …

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A Fine Establishment

In this year we have witnessed more grounds being dedicated to righteous establishments than any other year I can recall. Joy-filled SEAPC supported grand openings for orphanages, churches, schools, clinics, …

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The Price of Giving

At the entrance of the children’s home, there is a row of colorful sandals. Some of the sandals have cute plastic animals on them while others make up the color …

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While in the United States we are preparing for final exams and the ending of the current school year, in Myanmar they are doing the exact opposite. The new school …

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Spread the Word

This month has been amazing. In Cambodia, children are being brought into a rental home while the permanent facility is being built in Pailin. 26 children have been brought in, …

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