What Once Was Dry

November 10, 2012 was my first time in Myanmar with our friends at Charity Children’s Home in Yangon. We pulled off the main road and onto a short, dusty, bumpy road with a large metal gate at the end. The gate opened up to the Charity Children’s home campus that includes Pastor James’ house, separate boys and girls dormitories, a nurses station, a covered pavilion for tutoring and athletic activities, a cafeteria, a tea hut, a bible college, a church, and a dormitory for bible school students. The entire campus has around 300 people living on it, including orphaned and abandoned children and bible school students.

There was a commotion outside of our car as we pulled up to the boys’ dormitory, around seven people standing in a circle looking very distraught. We got out of the car and Pastor Mark asked Pastor James what was going on. Pastor James replied that they haven’t had water from their well for two weeks and have been drilling in multiple locations around the campus to find water but had yet to find it. The water from the well provides all of their drinking water and water for bathing as well as watering their small vegetable farm. Pastor James had to purchase water daily to meet all of the needs of the home, which was becoming very expensive.

Pastor Mark, always one to move in boldness as the Lord leads, stepped up and asked that we come together and pray at the spot where they were digging, believing that water would flow. You could hear the mumblings from the workers, knowing that they had drilled and nothing came from their labor. We prayed and believed for the miracle, then left for a prayer meeting with the staff. After the meeting concluded, we stepped outside and there was a buzz. There was water coming out of the same spot that had been dry just a few hours before.

In 2016, just four short years since that day, they constructed a small building to house a company that bottles the water from that well. Today, the water from the well is rated the best in the whole township and is being sold to hotels and restaurants. This company employs young men and women who have graduated from high school and who lived in the children’s home. This well also provides an abundance of water to the home.

As 2017 kicks off, my prayer is that I never forget the miracles that the Lord has done. I thank God every day for the opportunity I have to walk in faith and see how the Lord works.

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Tony Wimer

Tony Wimer started working with SEAPC in March of 2011. He is the Management Director. Tony serves SEAPC daily through overseeing the accounting, marketing, and missions teams. He and his wife, Erin, live in Oakmont, PA with their daughter and son.