Ready for Revival

For decades Laos has been living under war and poverty, hidden from the outside world, in a complex landlocked country amidst a beautiful terrain of jagged mountains in the north, a fertile plateau in the south and a blanket of luscious green rain forest throughout. As the bamboo curtain begins to lift in recent years, the landscape of the nation begins to change, concrete buildings are becoming a more and more common sight, industrialism is quickly moving past the digital age into the advances of information technology. However, in the face of the quickly and ever-changing social, political, and economic landscape, there is yet another landscape that in the next few years will be swiftly moving across the mosaic of ethnicity in Laos.

Laos has been shrouded in darkness, ever since she became a nation and even before that as the people of the land worshiped the spirits of nature. In a land that is surrounded by five Buddhist nations, she ultimately shifted from animism to Buddhism. Now we believe this is the time for Laos: in the timetable of our Lord, we need to make every effort to be a part of this heavenly agenda, and revival is on the horizon. If you want to be a part of this plan, here is what you can do:

First, pray to come and be a part of this revival for a year. Second, we need sponsorship for staff to help us cope with the upcoming revival.

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