Extravagant Provision

Ch’ng and Anna are radical prayer warriors. Their love for Jesus is evident in the way they cherish one another. These lovebirds have a rich supply of faith-filled stories they readily share. As a result, faith naturally increases in those that spend time with this beautiful couple.

Ch’ng and Anna live nestled on a mountainside overlooking Penang, Malaysia. Their home offers a breathtaking view, unforgettable hospitality and a restful environment. This home can be attributed to a miracle, as are most things in Ch’ng and Anna’s lives.

In 1997, they lost everything in the recession. Most people are devastated by such loss, but Anna had been praying for the Lord to show up. There was so much corruption in Malaysia and she didn’t want to have any part of the “dirty money.” Ch’ng worked in construction and had a demanding schedule. Anna mentioned he often left work late. It wasn’t easy, but the recession proved a catalyst in their life and naturally transitioned them into full-time ministry.

With absolutely no money to spare, God told Ch’ng to buy a particular piece of land for 300,000 Malay Ringgit (MYR). The land was worth 1 million MYR. Filled with faith, he met with the owner of the property and offered 300,000. Ch’ng also shared with this man what the Lord had told him. A believer himself, the man asked for a week to think over the offer and ten days later he called Ch’ng agreeing to the price. He also offered to give them the land right away without any delay or initial deposits.

Within two months of purchasing the land, it reaped a harvest of durian (a native Malaysian fruit). This was the first time this piece of land experienced such an abundance of fruit. Anna had seen this in a vision before it actually came to fruition. From the purchase of the land to the abundant harvest, the Lord was kind to continuously confirm their steps in this new season.

After reaping a harvest of 40,000 MYR for the fruit, Ch’ng and Anna were able to pay the 30,000 deposit for the land in full. Remarkably, none of his personal money was used to fund this endeavor. Ch’ng laughed while sharing this, because the Lord’s provision was so extravagant it would have been impossible for him to have made this happen on his own. The whole thing was fueled by faith and obedience.  

In 1999, Ch’ng and Anna felt the Lord’s prompting to attend a conference in Hong Kong. This prompting was met with little resources to make the trip. However, much like before, the couple believed God desired their attendance and would provide a way. Ch’ng and Anna’s time away was both refreshing and clarifying. When they returned, they decided to sell their house and settle the price of the land.

Around this time, they met Mark Geppert. Ch’ng began to follow Mark on his adventures and has been to Tibet on three different occasions. On one of these trips, he was blessed to witness the first batch of kids sent from Tibet to Beijing with the organization Touching Hearts Foster Care. Ch’ng ’s time with Mark was deeply impacting and shaped their current lifestyle of prayer. With a huge smile on his face, Ch’ng proudly shared how Mark encouraged he and Anna not to get caught in troublesome situations to instead prayerfully cleanse the atmosphere around them. They attribute what they know about spiritual warfare to Mark.

In the midst of his travels and the beginning stages of their ministry, Ch’ng was awarded ‘The Penang Airport Renovation’ project just a year after he transitioned out of construction work. He was also contracted to help with the construction of the main bridge connecting mainland Malaysia to the island of Penang. It is incredible to witness the favor that clearly rests on this couple’s lives. Through these projects Ch’ng has literally helped shaped modern day Penang. His tireless efforts and prayerful consideration on these projects are a blessing to those who forever travel to the island of Penang and greater Malaysia. The favor Ch’ng and Anna have over their lives is a testament to God’s great unfolding plan.

Remember that miraculous fruit bearing piece of land? Years later they sold the land for well over ten times the original purchase price and were able to pay for their dream home in full. For Anna, this remains a direct answer to prayer. She prayed for years to one day live where she lives now. Their former home is now being used as a place of refuge for people that come to work with Friends Of Sick (FOS), one of many ministry platforms Ch’ng and Anna have pioneered.

FOS started in Penang in 2012, after an Indonesian pastor shared with Ch’ng some heartbreaking statistics. Over thirteen flights come to Penang via Indonesia every day and 60% of the passengers are coming for health needs. Often, the patients come alone. This ministry exists to provide training and a way for volunteers, both pastors and laypeople, to befriend the sick. Friendships allow these people to care for the patient physically, spiritually, emotionally and monetarily. Many of the patients are simply happy to have a friend to talk with and lean on.

With established friendship at the forefront of this ministry, it isn’t surprising a lot of miracles have taken place. The volunteers often have an opportunity to pray for the sick and many people have been healed, saved and even baptized in the hospital. The level of rapport the FOS members create with patients develops kingdom ties with incredibly deep roots.

Three days after the launch of FOS, Ch’ng invested in a new business venture. It took four months for the first payment to come through, meaning FOS was initially funded through their personal savings. As an accountant, this proved especially trying for Anna. They faithfully remained patient for the Lord to provide and their business is now sixteen times more profitable than it was at the start. In fact, this business generates an abundant flow of passive income freeing them up to pursue the dreams of their heart, including additional ministry opportunities.

Within the past five years, FOS expanded to include three church services and a three-week FOS academy that has already equipped 130-150 pastors and laypeople. Additionally, Ch’ng and Anna have returned to overseeing an Indonesian church. They started this church back in 2004, but in 2009 Ch’ng stepped down from his role. Last year, however, the church outgrew their space and needed assistance. Once again, Anna and Ch’ng made themselves available. Through their obedience, they assume maternal and paternal roles to many Indonesians. In fact, whenever they travel, even if it is a personal trip, the church lovingly fasts and spends time in prayer for “mommy and daddy’s safe return.”

Currently, there are 400 worshippers that are part of the Indonesian church and they are believing for 1,000 people by the end of the year. Multiplication is already happening and their prayers are being answered. At the beginning of 2017, they started with seven cell groups and they have already multiplied to 37. Clearly, the Lord is continually moving and many are being saved. Most recently, this church established a prayer tower. For six hours a day, different people within this congregation are encountering the living God by praying on behalf of others and themselves.

It is impossible to share the breadth of Ch’ng and Anna’s faithfulness, but it is evident they are making a global impact and many lives are being changed. The way they entrust God with their finances also proves a measure of faithfulness which remains unheard of.  Their hearts are extremely apostolic and it is exciting to imagine what continued multiplication will look like within the body of Christ through Ch’ng and Anna’s ministry. Their life reflects an intrinsic belief that everything they have belongs to the Father. Even in this state of continued blessing, their posture has continued to be one of increased generosity rather than complacency, and their ultimate desire is to spread out these blessings far and wide.

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