A Testimony of Surrender

My name is Macchi. I was born in 1995 in the capital city of Vientiane in Lao P.D.R. My father is Phonethip and my mother is Vongvaly. I have one older brother, and his name is Bobby.

In 2006 my mother was converted to Christ, but I was so young at that time I didn’t understand anything except following her to church. I didn’t understand what worship really was, and I didn’t know about the Holy Spirit or the word of God, but I could see what they did. I remember one time there was one pastor who prayed for me, and before he prayed he spoke in tongues, and I was laughing because I didn’t understand what he was doing.

When I look back today, because I now understand, I want to say “Sorry, Lord!”

When I grew up I had many friends and I didn’t care about God. That is, I knew Him but I didn’t have any sort of relationship with Him. In 2008, I had a boyfriend and I started to hang around with friends all the time — I loved going to the club and drinking alcohol, and I partied a lot because I enjoyed it. I lived like this until 2011, when I realized that all of these things could not satisfy me. Every time I sinned against the Lord, the Holy Spirit would convict me, because I served in the church as an interpreter. I felt so guilty, because no one knew that I was hiding all of these things. At age 15, I prayed to the Lord, telling Him that I wanted to get rid of this but I couldn’t do it by myself, because I tried many times but I always failed. Throughout my childhood, I saw my parents argue all the time, and because of this, I wanted to come closer to Jesus. I was serious with the Lord in my prayers that I wanted Jesus to change my family. In 2011, the Lord brought me to Bible school in Singapore. Two weeks before I went to Singapore I felt the Holy Spirit change me, and I woke up with no worldly desires. I met Jesus during my time in Singapore, and I started to have a relationship with Him, and came to know who He really is, and He cleansed me. I have never felt such incredible love in my life! I cried out almost every day. I know many people gained different things, and I gained a relationship with Jesus.

My relationship with the Lord is still growing. Jesus spoke to me that I needed to forsake what I have now, first of which was my boyfriend. It was difficult, because I love my boyfriend, but I love God more. I told the Lord, “I surrendered to you because I love you, Lord, but you need to help me because I can’t do it on my own.” I cried every day, because it hurt. The Lord tested me about my friends and family as well, and it was hard because I love them a lot — I used to party with them and be with them all the time. But, this time I have to choose God or man, and I choose to surrender all to Him and take up His cross. I learned many things through the storms in my life, and one thing I realized is that God wants to build up my faith, which is hard for me now, but it’s worth it.

The moment I gave up everything to Him and cried out more for Him to use me for His kingdom, God put a passion in my heart for my own nation. I want to see them saved and draw closer to Jesus. I prayed, “Lord, whatever you give to me please give to them, what I have experienced let them experience as well.” I knew that once they knew and experienced Jesus’ love, they wouldn’t want to turn back, and they would know that this is the right place for them to be.

Everyday I’m learning from the Lord. There was one day Pastor Matthew preached in my church and he shared about John 4:34-38. He shared about how it’s harvest time for the Lao nation. I think this is so true — this nation is like a field that is ready to be harvested. Many souls are waiting for the gospel to reach them and we have few laborers. We need to pray that God will prepare His labor in the right time. As I told Pastor Matthew “don’t forget about Lao!” It’s harvest time! Indeed we need each other for His kingdom, and Lao needs all of you. I believe God has a great plan in this nation, as His servants’ united hearts cry out in obedience to the Father. God bless you!

~ Macchi

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