A Heart and a Savior

Yixi Jiacuo is a child from the Northern Tibetan highlands where the altitude is about 4,800 meters. His unmarried mother gave birth to him and left him with his grandparents only a few days later. He was fed a diet of fresh milk of yak and sheep and ground barley, but he almost died of serious heart disease and malnutrition. At the age of one and a half, his family came to us for help.
We took him out of the highland and fostered him for six months until he was strong enough to take the heart surgery. With the help of SEAPC, his broken heart was mended. He began to smile and breathe like the other children. Now he has already been back in Tibet for about six months. He is completely healthy and has become a happy child. His mother is married now, and Yixi lives with his grandparents. We visit him in his hometown, and his family also comes to visit us in Lhasa and stay with us for a few days under the same roof. We have built a relationship like close relatives. With this trust, God’s love and the message is able to spread out from this family to the other families.

~ Gail and Daniel

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