Our God is a Protector, and Our God is Kind

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We live in strange and trying times. But our God is the God who made the heavens and the earth, who loves us with an everlasting love, and who watches over and protects us, no matter who we are or where we come from.

At SEAPC, we have the incredible privilege to love and serve alongside modern-day heroes of faith in countries much crazier and more dangerous than our own. They are risking their lives for the sake of the Gospel. They need your prayers, and we need to hear their stories, that they might strengthen our faith in Jesus.

These brothers and sisters are humble pastors and business owners, young and old, men and women — all united by their love for Jesus and one another, and all World Changers in their own right. They live each day with a different hope. 

For their protection, we cannot tell you their real names or where they come from, but we can share the testimonies they have offered to us, and we can invite you to pray for them, trusting that our God knows them and has a plan for their good. 

John* and his wife, Phoebe*, pastor a church and run a home for several hundred children in their region. Read on to hear their story of divine protection and radical love…

*Friends’ names changed for security reasons.

The New Law

We do not know what will happen tomorrow, but until today, the Lord has done amazing work. Our country is at war, and a recent law means that the army can now come at any time to take our young people and force them to join them. If they come, there is no choice. Sometimes, they come in the middle of the night — and then they are gone. From that time on, nobody knows what will happen to them. They cannot take their phones. They cannot tell anyone. We hear reports like this every day.

It is a bad situation, but God has protected us. God has given us friends, and these friends have helped us…

Young children watching the sunset in Southeast Asian country and praying for God's protection
God protects His children, even when night starts to fall...


Seven or eight years ago, my wife started visiting a lady in our village. This lady was renting a shop front from us for her food business. At that time, her business was not doing well, and she also had to look after her husband, who had very bad injuries from being violently assaulted in the street. She was really struggling. She didn’t know what to do, and she felt overwhelmed and alone. She just needed someone she could rely on.

That was when my wife, Phoebe, stood up for her. When Phoebe would visit her, this lady would open up about her problems, and my wife would pray for her, share the Gospel with her, and read the Bible with her. Sometimes, Phoebe and I would pray with her and her husband. We even built a small house on our land for them, and let them live there for free. She was really happy about that, and told us, “I will not forget the kindness you have shown to me. Not even my blood relatives could have done something like this for us.

Loved, Baptized, Tested

Over time, she started to show interest in the Gospel, as she really saw Christ in us. My wife kept ministering to her. Just before Covid, she converted to Christianity and was baptized. She became one of our church members. She was a strong follower of the national religion before that, so she faced many problems with her family, who did not convert. But she has faced those problems faithfully and kept coming to the church.

Sometimes, she has confessed that she has no energy left to stand for Christ. But in those times, she has knelt down and prayed. “Because of Jesus Christ only,” she said. “I can bear all of that pressure. At first, I was a little afraid and even ashamed of what I had become, because of all the accusation I received from my neighbors and relatives. But now I am very confident.”

Baptism in Southeast Asia - God protects us when we die with him and rise with him in the waters of new life
God protects us, even through trials: we are baptized into His death that we may rise in His life.

Called for Such a Time

And she has confidently stood up to share her faith in our community. Everybody knows. Even the government knows that she converted from the official religion to become a Christian. And this is shocking: since she was very young, she served and looked after people in the government and the army. She is very well-known. Even the highest ranking person in the military party knows her by name. She is so important and trusted that without her recommendation, the current overseer of our region would not have that title.

In fact, she was previously invited to be the overseer of the region, but she refused. “I was afraid because I am a woman and there are many killings for people like that.” The underground rebels hate the civilian overseers. Not too long ago in our area, one of the other overseers was killed in the middle of the day — in the daylight. They shot him in the head and in the chest. This has become a familiar story in our country. So when the military asked our friend to be the main overseer, they also offered her a gun for protection. 

For over a year and a half, she kept saying no… until the new conscription law. When the law became public, she shared with us, “I couldn’t sleep. I knew this would affect many of our young people, especially in our children’s home, and the church youth. Maybe God put me in this position so I could help with this urgent need? Although I am afraid, maybe I have to take this responsibility for our kids.” She decided to give her name to become the overseer for a smaller area, the area where we have our church and children’s campus.

Protecting the Next Generation

Immediately after she volunteered, they gave her the job. “Now I am going to every meeting, and hearing all of the information.” She reassures us, “Don’t worry! I will do my best to protect our young people.” 

This is so amazing. I believe God has put us together for this time. Before our friend became an overseer, we worried every night. We did not know what would happen to our kids. With every dog bark, every noise, we would wonder if that was the military coming to take them away.

Sometimes, we would think, “Should we send our kids back to their home villages, where the army cannot reach them?” But now that our friend is the overseer, and shares some information from official meetings, we do not have to worry. She has told us that she will let us know if there is anything we have to do: “For now, you can stay calm!”

Our friend comes to church every Sunday. We have times of fellowship together, and we make sure to spend five, maybe ten minutes each week praying for her. Sometimes, she brings friends who belong to the traditional religion, and we pray for them too. Even though she is very busy with her role, we stay in regular contact.

God is faithful, and we trust His perfect plan. May His will be done in our country, in Jesus’ name.

"But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one."

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