Lives Changed Through Spare Change

SEAPC Coins for Kids, now in its 11th year, has raised over $200,000 just in spare change since its inception! What a blessing! Adults and kids of all ages have been collecting coins and sending them into our office where they are all added together and sent out to bless kids in need around the world! Normally, a check needs to be written or a pledge needs to be made during a fundraising campaign in order for needs to be met, but, SEAPC Coins for Kids is unique in that even a single quarter can be added to the total and still make a difference! Twenty-five cents can only buy a gumball in the U.S., but in a village in Southeast Asia, it can provide an entire meal.


This simplicity is what has allowed kids of all ages to feel like they are helping as they look under couch cushions, search the floor of the car, and even ask for coins in exchange for chores that they do!  It\’s amazing to see kids beam with pride as they turn in water bottles now filled with change. You see, the blessing isn\’t just felt by those who receive the coins, but also by those who are collecting. They learn what it’s like to work toward a goal for someone else. They appreciate what they have more when they understand that there are kids living without toys, books, food and clean water.  They become motivated and generous.

Funds from SEAPC Coins for Kids has gone toward causes such as: new kitchen facilities and playground equipment at children\’s homes in Cambodia, student sponsorship to attend Christian summer and winter retreats, winter coats for refugees, heart surgeries for Tibetan children, and much more!


There are two campaigns each year. The first campaign takes place during the 8 weeks leading to Easter and the second during the eight weeks leading to Thanksgiving. These are, however, simply a guideline as coins are collected year round. I want to encourage you to grab an empty water bottle, mason jar, piggy bank, change purse or cup and place it on your dresser, in your car, or both! Ask your friends and family to do the same, sit back, and watch as those containers fill up in the name of Jesus!


To learn more about SEAPC Coins for Kids, click here.

SEAPC is dedicated to changing lives through prayer. If your heart is moved and you would like to partner with us, you can donate here

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