Education is key to breaking the poverty cycle. Keeping children in school and providing them with expanded opportunities for the future develops a skilled labor force for the country.

Banteay Meanchey Arise

Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia
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For the last several years SEAPC has served the 488 public schools and 130,000 students of Banteay Meanchey’s emerging generation through Banteay Meanchey Arise. This program was commissioned into action in 2014 in response to the abnormal achievements obtained by the students within SEAPC’s Cambodia Christian School Network located in Banteay Meanchey’s Rongko cluster schools. At that time, SEAPC was asked to implement a curriculum, based in Judeo-Christian work ethic, for those 488 public schools, to establish skills training centers in 9 districts, and to gift educational resources into the hands of the children at those schools.

Today, three of the nine skills training centers is complete, with another in progress. Banteay Meanchey Arise also employs twelve national missionaries. These missionaries are Cambodian men and women who graduated from CCSN Rongko, received SEAPC scholarships, and graduated from Royal University in Phnom Penh and who are now focused on offering coordinated weekly educational outreaches to the fourth grade classes within the nine provincial districts. Short-term teams regularly travel to Banteay Meanchey to serve through providing further training to teachers and support to project staff.

ACTS Bible College

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ACTS Bible College started as Church On The Rock School of Evangelism on July 11, 1989 with seven students in a small apartment in the center of Yangon. In 1992, the school name was changed into ACTS Bible College and it moved to its current location in simple palm leaf and bamboo buildings. Now, it has eight two-story buildings, seven single-story buildings and a thousand-seat Jubilee Auditorium on four acres of land. 97 students are currently enrolled.

ACTS exists to train young people who have a real call of God in view of sending them to the unreached people groups and plant churches in different parts of the country. It is committed to be a school of discipleship in practical priorities, power evangelism, prayer, and witnessing. ACTS is committed to faithfully teach God’s Word and make it relevant to life situations. Students are given ministry opportunities to apply what they are learning in the classroom.

In 2007, SEAPC brought preschool into the Cambodian public school system and now employs thirty three full-time preschool teachers. Over the course of 10 years, these preschool classrooms have won several awards. Without the faithful daily service shown to the little ones through our amazing teachers these awards and recognition would not have been possible.

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All SEAPC mission teams go first and foremost for the purpose of prayer, leading people, and using their unique God-given abilities. We invite you to use whatever gifts God has given you to serve alongside SEAPC on a short-term mission team in the platform of education.