A Bright Future

My name is Bunthorn Rom, and I’m a computer class teacher for Banteay Meanchey Arise. I would like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to share the life transformation testimony after many people have been trained in my computer skills class.

Before the Banteay Meanchey Arise computer skills class started, many teachers and students were struggling with using technology to enhance their work and studies. Some have no idea of what a computer is or how to properly use the internet. After seeing all the needs, I was able to come up with a plan to help them in a way that they can improve their skills in teaching and learning.

Now we are in the third term of classes in basic computer skills, graphic design, and programming. We have come so far. I see they are very happy with these new skills since it’s really helped them with their work, businesses, and studies. They have been able to stop doing their work, creating reports, recording data, and writing essays by hand. Now they use computers to make their work more neat and tidy and use less time and effort.

I see teachers using the computer to prepare lessons or create curriculum for students. They understand computer languages, are familiar with the internet, and speed up their work progress in teaching and delivering their knowledge to their students in a better way. They’re able to use computers to manage student grades and curriculum after taking basic and advanced Microsoft Excel classes.

Additionally, there are many students who can write and research their school work on the internet. They’re able to create email accounts for communication or use other platforms for shared discussions and knowledge. It is a big help in making their lives and studies easier.

I love teaching, and I have been able to teach since I was very young. I was overwhelmed when I was first asked to teach teachers, but now I am very confident and filled with joy just to see them improve their way of work, especially with what I have taught them.


As a result of our classes, many students and teacher are able to use what they learned from our program to work in companies, banks, or other institutions. They were very down and had a hard time finding jobs (or were unsatisfied with their jobs), but after putting their hard work into learning from the program, they can do what they love and improve what they are doing.

Smourt was an outstanding student in the first term of computer classes. He was smart and studied hard. Now he is able to work at the District Office of Education Youth and Sport as an officer after taking a basic computer class.

Sinh took the basic and graphic design class in the second term. Now he runs a printing shop with many types of services such as making banners, a photo studio, typing documents, and printing documents and books.

Liem also took the basic and graphic design class in the second term. She is a primary teacher at the Provincial Department of Education Youth and Sport. Besides teaching at school, she now provides an online service to design logos, name cards, or marketing brochures and posters to promote on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

As a teacher, I am extremely happy to provide this computer knowledge and skills to so many people that it has helped their daily work and benefited their lives. I thank God for giving me this gift of teaching so that I can share this knowledge with people in need, both physically and spiritually.

After high demand for computer classes, we will open more classes with more teachers and skills training. You can always be a part of our program by supporting us spiritually and financially so we can reach larger-scale people. There are so many people here in Cambodia who have no idea what technology is or how to use it to improve their lives.



Pray for God’s anointing on training center instructors. Pray also for the students to quickly grasp the skills they are being taught.


Contribute $250 toward the cost of preparing for expanded computer classes: 25 desktop computers, tables, wall fans, and chairs are needed. The total cost is $8,125. Click here to give now.


Consider being part of a short-term team. You can teach or assist in BC Arise classrooms, pray with the teachers and students, and prayer walk the streets and roads of Banteay Meanchey Province. Email missions@seapc.org to get started.

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