For SEAPC, the healthcare platform is the extended hands and feet of Jesus to people who need healing. For many of the individuals, it may be the first Christian witness that they have encountered.

(The Chinese-American International Cooperation Training for Children with Autism)

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After 20 years of prayer and hope, the Beijing Autism Association and the Handicapped Association of China approached us to partner in the establishment of national training and protocols for children with autism, their teachers and families. This project began in October 2014. The 10-year agreement begins with the establishment of the Beijing Center in the first three years. The next 7 years will be focused on multiplying these centers into every province of China with help and hope for the families of children with autism. Please pray with us for workers for this cooperative effort. Please pray for results in the lives of these children. Please pray for faith to come alive in their families and for continued favor at the highest levels of government.

School for the Blind

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In 2017, Mark Geppert and Bill Richardson worked with Dr. Tariq Qureshi, the Church of North India, and government partners in Kashmir to develop a state of the art high-tech school for the blind and visually impaired. This school will serve the people of the Kashmir valley in North India. The school will be developed to start with 100 students at the physical school and also serve other students through outreach services to the greater Kashmir area. The school will also have an eye clinic for those who need continued eye care. This clinic will host eye specialists from around the world as well as local doctors. The architectural plans to move forward with the school are in place.

John Bishop Memorial Hosptial

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SEAPC is also also involved with John Bishop Memorial Hospital in Anantnag, India. This 100-year-old institution provides care to over 100 expecting mothers and families a day. It delivers between 25 and 50 babies daily, and it exists to serve the people of Kashmir and provide help for humanity. To continue as a nurse training program and retain its license as a hospital, it needs to expand and modernize to provide better service to those in the area. SEAPC has been asked to help with this building project and build a three story structure to be used as a nursing school and maternity hospital.

Touching Hearts in Tibet

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This project began in 1996 with the survey and treatment of children with congenital heart disease. Through this project, thousands of children have been screened and over 400 children treated. Although the survey and general treatment phase of this project has been successfully handed over to the People’s Republic of China, SEAPC continues to serve Tibet by treating children whose cases are complex or risky and providing aftercare for previous patients. The Touching Hearts project is reaching the next generation of Tibet with Jesus’ love.

Yang is 14 years old, and had heart surgery in 2011 through Touching Hearts in Tibet. She recovered very well after the surgery, and her family is grateful for what SEAPC did for her. Her grandfather said that when she was having the heart surgery, their relatives and neighbors didn’t help them, but SEAPC truly cared for Yang and her family will appreciate this great love forever. After a recent visit with Yang’s family, a friend explained the difference between Buddhism and Christianity to her father and grandfather, who both decided to accept the Lord as their savior.

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