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**Due to COVID-19 restrictions and complications, we will not be taking teams to Cambodia in 2022. Please check back for 2023 dates as they become available.**


Airfare + approximately $100/per day


There are opportunities to serve within each of the four platforms in Cambodia.


As part of a healthcare team, you will be prayer walking and serving in small communities and/or children’s homes that are in great need of medical care and compassion. Your patients could range from residents of remote villages who are in desperate need of medical care and first aid, to children at our partner children’s homes who need check-ups and minor medical care.


As part of an education team, you will be prayer walking and teaching in elementary, secondary, and/or post-secondary educational centers. There are a variety of subjects to teach, including English, science, technology, engineering, and agriculture. If you are a college professor, you will have the opportunity to directly shape colleges and universities that we serve in the country. We are in great need of people to teach technical skills in our training centers and equip Cambodian students to change their nation.


As part of a parenting team, you will be prayer walking and serving in children’s homes. You will be serving right alongside SEAPC staff to host camps, minister to children, lead worship, play games, and/or teach English. If you have construction experience, there are opportunities to repair and upgrade children’s homes. The repairs can be as simple as painting walls or building beds to as complex as constructing bathrooms or taking on other major repairs.

Micro-Economic Development

As part of a micro-economic development team, you will be prayer walking and leading trainings in rural communities or in training centers. In partnership with SEAPC staff and local leaders, you will have the opportunity to participate in offering training to small-business owners and students in a variety of fields. Local small-business owners and students can especially benefit from training in water, energy, agriculture, animal husbandry, small business development, information technology, business, marketing, and advertising.

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