Connecting the world through prayer.

Be a part of a strategy to cover every SEAPC mission opportunity in prayer.

Recognizing that God has called us to focus on prayer as our main priority, we are committed to making sure that every project and platform that we serve in the nations is covered by a prayer circle of at least four people.

Would you consider becoming a part of one of these prayer circles? Here is what that would mean: 

  • Receiving prayer requests and praise updates connected to the missions project
  • Praying for these requests and being open to the Lord’s leading about how to respond
  • Communicating those responses back to those you’re praying for
  • Committing to participating in this prayer circle through the end of 2022

"The degree to which prayer is mobilized is the degree to which the world will be evangelized."

Dr. Dick Eastman, International President, Every Home for Christ

Establishing and growing the Circles initiative allows us to continuously plow and strategically cover our friends, the nations, and each mission opportunity in prayer.

We are committed to this simple approach as we seek the Lord and identify how He is leading us to invest our lives and resources in the nation.