This is a brief timeline of significant events in SEAPC’s history. Many seeds of prayer and finance were sown by countless friends around the world to make these events possible.


Mark Geppert heard the call from God to sell his business and enter the mission field. “I am calling you to preach My gospel in the nations.”


Mark received the vision from the Holy Spirit to walk and pray. “You go where I show you and pray. As you pray, I will respond from heaven. When we effect an uplink, I will send government changing revival.”


South East Asia Prayer Center is officially founded and registered as a 501(c)3 with the purpose to create new and network existing prayer cells around the world.


SEAPC’s formal inclusion of the purpose to meet the needs of people through healthcare, education, parenting, and micro-economic development in light of Millennium Development Goals.


The first SEAPC Friends Around The Table gathering with the purpose of drawing together the global network of prayer in Thailand, which led to the official establishment of SEAPC offices in other nations.


SEAPC made the decision to strategically sow every dollar it had, believing that God would increase the organization to fulfill the vision He had given.


SEAPC adopts Core Values and agreed upon its Statements of Faith at Friends Around The Table in Oaxaca, Mexico.


SEAPC received the vision from God to foster a community of prayer in every nation around the world.