Who We Are

SEAPC is a Christian global community of friends that goes where the Holy Spirit leads.

We pray for the people and ask God to open the door for ministry. We work among the people in the platform that the Lord creates; such as healthcare, parenting, microeconomic development and education, while praying the Lord’s blessing upon the nation.

SEAPC works on four ministry platforms and four project platforms. These are best described in the Chinese character of a field, which is part of the overall Chinese word “fu” or “blessing”.

God: SEAPC is founded by God and is about God.

The Heavenly Line: All things are done under the authority of heaven.

One Mouth: Blessing or Prosperity come from the word of the Lord, the mouth of God.

The Field: Prosperity is God’s word spoken to the field. The immovable cornerstones of the SEAPC field are:
Evangelism, Church Planting, Discipleship, Leadership Development. The four sections of the SEAPC field are: Health, Education, Parenting, Economic Development.


Matthew Geppert


Mark Geppert


Tony Wimer

Financial Administrator

Tina Tomes

Raising Kids Director

Bill Richardson

Missions Director

Carli Wyckoff

Finance Coordinator

Carly Davis

Missions Coordinator

Sarah Rodden

Communications Coordinator

Pastor Hector Zetino

Hispanic Ministries

Pastor James Lian Sai


Pastor Sinai Phouek


Pastor Hubert Chan

Mekong Region

Daniel Zyp & Gail Ding


Neo Tiong Kee


Pastor Alejandro Orella Granados


Madhuballa Ernst