Praying Across America’s Colleges

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Our guest author today is Chris Ngai. Since 2005, Chris has seen an extraordinary work of God take place at Arizona State University through a united movement known as LoveASU. He is also part of an initiative to raise up movements on college campuses across the nation.

During the Pray Americas tour last year, Matt Geppert and the SEAPC team visited and prayer-walked many of America’s college campuses and universities. This is highly significant for several reasons:

– On many American college campuses, the percentage of Christians is less than 5 percent of the student population.

– Among students who begin their college life as Christians, 75 percent will fall away from their faith (mostly during college) and many will not return.

– The 18 to 30 age group is almost completely missing from churches across America today. College campuses have become a great stronghold against God in our nation with college students as one of the most unreached people groups in America.

Praying Across America's Colleges

In June 2016, Matt and his team joined campus leaders in Arizona to pray over Arizona State University, the largest main campus in America, and Grand Canyon University, a rapidly growing private Christian university. The prayer-walk at ASU began at the Campus Christian Center (C3), while the director, Ben Sanders, shared the overall state of the campus and issues that needed prayer. From there, several teams went out to pray. One team partnered with an ASU instructor to pray over the international students of the university. While praying, God led this team to minister to a Muslim girl, who was willing and glad to receive prayer ministry! One team was given favor to enter the fifth floor of a building that overlooks the largest stadium on the campus. God began to show them visions of revival gatherings, so they declared God’s purposes over the stadium in the years to come!

At Grand Canyon University, one prayer group felt powerfully that the Lord was setting apart this university as a place of unity for the people of God. Matt’s team had an amazing divine appointment that day. Matt was led to begin talking to a man nearby, and ended up leading this man to the Lord! Peter Nam, a regional prayer leader with Phoenix Fire, shared afterwards: “Overall, it was really encouraging and I was able to see the hope rising as we were praying for the campuses. It was awesome to see a group coming together to invite God’s presence and pray for revivals for our campuses.” We believe that significant seeds were sown in prayer that day. History truly belongs to the intercessors, those who will partner with God’s heart and call forth His promises through faith-filled prayer. We are confident those prayers have significantly altered the destinies of these universities for many years to come!

God is doing something amazing on college campuses in this hour. In the same way that a nation turned away from God through college campuses, we are sensing that God is turning a nation back to Himself through college campuses! Will you commit to praying and believing for another Great Awakening in America, in this next generation and on America’s campuses?

SEAPC truly believes in the power and importance of prayer on college campuses, and Chris has written a wonderful book called “A Vision of Revival for College Campuses.” From the back cover:

We are losing a generation during their college years. Yet, in the midst of this, God is raising up a remnant of students and campus leaders who are desperate for the presence of God, who won’t relent until heaven comes to earth, and who will give away their very lives for love! They will turn the tide of a generation by accessing the very heartbeat of heaven. In this book, you will:

– Receive vision for transforming revival on your university

– Understanding the significance of college campuses in God’s purposes

– Discover keys essential to opening the heavens

– Learn common pitfalls on the path to revival & how to overcome

Are you interested in reading this book and learning more about how to get involved in revival on college campuses? We have many copies of this book and would love to share them with you. Please email us at to request your book today!

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