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| By Jeannie Fleming | Prayer

It is amazing to have the privilege of working with an organization that is so completely dependent on God’s direction. In yielding to His guidance and direction, we at SEAPC embrace many huge challenges, and are blessed to see even bigger victories! Our mission field and coworkers stretch across many continents around the globe. Once a year we all gather together in one location to hear each other’s testimonies of successes and setbacks, and more importantly to pray for and with each other.

This year we gathered together in Santa Clara, California. Although we heard many exciting reports, the true highlight was the times of worship. I know God’s heart is touched when any one of His children worship Him, but I imagine that the sound that is especially sweet to Him is when His sons and daughters from different cultures and regions of the world join their voices together in worship to Him. That is exactly what happened during our meeting times. Amy Sobek captured a shared sentiment as she said, “I’m so different than every other person in the room, and we all are so different from each other. This concept is extra beautiful in worship, because in unity we are each bringing our own individual offerings to the Lord.”

It was such a blessing to hear all the reports and testimonies from co-workers from India, China, Hong Kong, Tibet, Guatemala, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Mexico, Singapore, and the United States. Here are just a few highlights.  

Madhubala Ernest oversees Dorcas Ministries in India. The ministry’s focus is simply to reach the broken-hearted. The staff goes from house to house to do Bible studies. They share the Bible line by line and scripture by scripture. They are focused on 14 slums right now, and add slums constantly. Prayer walking a big part of Dorcas Ministries. Madhubala reminds us that, “as we prayer walk we will see the power of God manifested.  There is a lot of violent persecution. We need to take the beatings and tell about the word of God. Our redeemer lives! Let go and let the living waters flow. We can be crushed but we NEVER are destroyed. The father is searching those who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth.  A ministry soaked in prayer will soar!”

Chuck, Wendy, Jared, and Christopher Lenhart minister as a family in China and Myanmar. (Isaac Roscher is also part of their team) Chuck states emphatically, “The Buddhist world is crumbling in Jesus’ name!” Chuck shared a story about a worm infestation in one of the villages where they serve, which bore witness to this. One of the villagers came to Chuck and pointed out that the fields owned by Christians had no worms, yet neighboring fields had worms. The people finally realized that the folks who “went to church” had no worm problems. As realization dawned, people began to give their lives to Jesus!

Daniel and Gail foster medically compromised children in their home in China. These children come from poverty stricken families in high altitude mountainous regions in Tibet, and have heart and lung ailments. Daniel and Gail house the children while they receive life-giving medical treatment, and then send the children back to their families once they are cured and strong enough. The ministry started 15 years ago when a child was hospitalized with pneumonia. The doctor said that the only way to save her was to send her to a place with a lower altitude. Gail & Daniel agreed to take the child and foster her until she was strong enough to go back to her home. Word spread and there were many more requests, and thus this ministry was officially started. Daniel and Gail believe there will be many more children coming the future. With the onset of winter, the oxygen level drops very low. The previous prayer walking has opened ways for families to find Gail and Daniel, and has broken chains among Tibetan people. The seeds being sown from all the Tibetan babies who are saved will yield a big harvest. God has a perfect plan for each of the children!

24 years ago SEAPC forged a ministry in Cambodia with Pastor Sinai and Somalay. At first Pastor Sinai purposed to church plant, but then realized God called him to start a children’s home. In North Cambodia they are building New Hope For Orphans children’s homes. Now, the team is raising up children to become godly leaders in Cambodia. By God’s grace there will be a SEAPC children’s home in EVERY province in Cambodia!

In 2013 the Lord directed Hubert Tutwiler to move to Cambodia and serve where he is needed, and that is what he is doing today. Hubert and his family are now centered in Banteay Meanchey. They are working with the school system. All of the fourth grade teachers in of Banteay Meanchey province were brought together for training, and all 550 teachers gave their lives to Jesus! “My Precious Book” (a bilingual children’s Bible storybook) was given out to those teachers.

Matt Geppert reminded us that If you seek God and say “I want this nation” He will make a way and give it to you for His purposes. But, be prepared to be stretched!

There were many other reports and testimonies given – too many to mention in this blog. Although it was a blessing to hear all the reports from across the globe, it was an even bigger blessing to pray for our co-workers. After individuals from each ministry within a region shared, we had a time of prayer and commissioning for all those ministering in that region.

What an awesome blessing it was to reconnect with friends and co-workers from all over the globe! It truly seems like the world gets smaller as The Kingdom of God increases.


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Jeannie Fleming

Jeannie, a former inhabitant of Montana and Amsterdam, now resides in Pittsburgh, where she serves SEAPC's Oakmont office in media relations, training interns, and assisting with Coins for Kids fundraisers.

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