Dry Bones

| By Carol Missik | Prayer

Many years ago there was a song by the Delta Rhythm Boys called “Dry Bones.” The words of this very catchy tune described the time in the book of Ezekiel and chapter 37, where Ezekiel was instructed by the Lord to prophesy life into the dry bones in the valley. As they sang about each new bone connecting to the bone above it (i.e., “your neck bone connected to your head bone”) they would modulate to the next highest key, and continue through the song up through the verses in this manner. It was a very clever and fun song.

However, my purpose here is not to talk about how Ezekiel breathed life into these bones, but rather to look more closely at the concept of the connection.

If a person is dragging along week after week, month after month in a spiritual slump, with a spiritual heart condition that is lukewarm, lackluster, and lackadaisical, believe me, every part of his life will be affected, because all facets (bones) are connected. His worship experiences will be affected, his prayer life will be affected, his burden for the lost will be affected, his giving will be affected, his joy will be compromised, and so forth, because it is all connected to the heart.

My favorite example in God’s Word is the story in Genesis 32:22, where we read that Jacob wrestles with an Angel all night, refusing to leave until he receives a blessing.

Does this describe any of us? Perhaps we need to “wrestle with an Angel,” and renew our hunger and thirst for the things of God. I have personally known literally hundreds of people over the years who, after experiencing such a kairos moment with the Lord, have emerged with a renewed passion for the Word, and a fresh burden for the lost.

You will see that seeking such an experience will benefit not only your heart but then, in turn, will be connected to all other aspects of your Christian walk.

As intercessors especially, how can we passionately care or aggressively pray if we have not had a genuine encounter? And I am not speaking here to unbelievers who need a born-again experience! No! I am speaking to lukewarm believers.

Take some time in your busy day today to pray and seek God. Ask Him if you need to renew your hunger and strength for Him.


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Carol Missik

For more than 20 years, Pastor Carol Missik has been prayer-walking and serving in Mexico, and has established a ministry for this purpose, known as Operation Capital City. She and OCC have been in partnership with SEAPC for the past 10 years.

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