All Things New

| By Tina Tomes | Parenting

Twelve new children have arrived at Charity Children’s Home in Yangon, Myanmar – nine girls and three boys. There are two sets of two siblings in the group. Their backgrounds vary from struggling families who cannot provide to those being abused by step-fathers to those who have been cared for by grandparents for years until their grandfather died. To each of these children all things are new. They have started a new phase in their lives.

All Things New

Each of them have come to a new home; a place where there are lots of other kids, beds to sleep in, hot food to eat every day, a playground to play on, a school to go to, and new people who care about them. Most of them are also hearing about Jesus for the first time.

The team of caregivers and house parents, Chung Nung and Dim, do a great job helping the children to acclimate and start along their new path of success. One would think that with approximately 200 children at this campus, house parents and caregivers would not know all of them, but that is not true. They care about the children so much that they know each of them by name and many personal details about each one. It always amazes me how well they know the children. I’m sure that the daily devotion time for the staff is one of the firm foundations of their level of care.

All Things New

Another thing that will be new for these 12 children is interaction with people from other countries. Most foreign people stick to regular “tourist” areas and do not get to the villages where most needy children come from. Myanmar is a country that is fairly new to being open to foreigners. These children will now have the opportunity to learn English and to learn about other cultures from people who come to visit them.

Visiting Myanmar is not a hard thing to do. We encourage you to visit the children’s homes there. The children can always use the English practice and cross-cultural experience. Villages are ready and waiting for medical outreaches. People are yearning to hear the Gospel. We are sending a team to Myanmar in November to do medical outreaches in communities and to work with the children. If you are interested in potentially joining us, contact Carly Davis at or 412-826-9063.

All Things New

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Tina Tomes

Tina, SEAPC Raising Kids Director, has been with the ministry for over 11 years. She has served in various roles throughout the ministry during that time. She and her husband, Mark, live in New Kensington, PA.

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