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Yangon Home

House parents: Thang Chung Nung and Biak Dim
Number of children: 200+

The current children’s home location in Yangon is the same location where it started in 1996. Back then, there were 15 children living in bamboo houses. Over the years, God has blessed the ministry so that now you will find a boys’ dormitory, girls’ dormitory, medical clinic for the kids, activity building, kitchen/dining building, tea house, Bible college classrooms, church, dormitory for college students, Bible college staff housing, and more. The current goal is to build a technical school on the grounds in the near future.

Kalaymyo Home

House parents: Tlang Mang and Khen Tial
Number of children: 5+

The Kalaymyo home was originally the family home of  Tlang Mang and Khen Tial. They raised their children in this home. As their children grew up and moved out, they found themselves in a large, empty home and wanted to do something with it. Praying, they felt led by God to open their home to bring in needy children. On April 18, 2015, the home opened officially as a children’s home with 18 children. Kalaymyo is located at the entry point of Chin State, which is the poorest state in the country. Many children in Chin State need assistance, especially in the area of  education because most of  their parents are illiterate and do not  understand the value of  education as well as there being a lack of  schools in the state. Having the children’s home in Kalaymyo helps these impoverished families and allows the children to stay closer to their home area rather than having to move all the way to Yangon. In 2018, the Kalaymyo home shifted its focus to serve a small group of girls, at which point all of the boys who had been living there moved into the Yangon home.