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Banteay Meanchey Home

House parents: Chamra and Phalla

Number of children: 30+

This children’s home is one of  the original four homes of NHO. The home is set on land that had belonged to Pastor Sinai’s father which had been lost during the time of  the Khmer Rouge. God allowed it to be redeemed for the purpose of helping children. Current house father, Chamra, is Pastor Sinai’s youngest brother.

Battambang Home

House parents: Bunthoeurn and Thavy
Number of children: 15+

The Battambang children’s home started in 2009 with children in need being cared for in a rental. It was obvious that a permanent location was needed. In 2010, land was purchased and the home was built in 2011. House father, Pastor Bunthoeurn is a long-time pastor in the area.

Kampong Cham Home

House parents: Vandy and Tavy

Number of children: 45+

The Kampong Cham children’s home was first established in 2006 with Pastor Bun Chhay Chorn and his wife, Tharen Em, as houseparents. In 2012, their daughter, Tavy and her  husband, Vandy, took over as houseparents. As the home grew and children flourished, the buildings were quickly deteriorating. In 2016 and into 2017, new buildings have been constructed for the children.The children at this home regularly travel to nearby communities to hold outreaches for the people.

Kampong Chhnang Home

House parents: Johan and Phrerm
Number of children: 15+

This home started in 2006 when the pastor of a newly built church found that there were needy children in the area. The number of children filled the church extremely quickly. In 2007 a larger permanent building was built and is now home to a number of children.

Kampong Speu Home

House parent: Seyha and Sreysros

Number of children: 25+

The children’s home in Kampong Speu started in 2004 inside a church with Vanny Lyti as pastor. The children lived inside the church until 2016, when the school building behind the home was given to NHO and renovated to serve the children. Vanny served as housemother to the children until her passing in the spring of 2017. At that time her son, Seyha, who had been helping his mother for years, took over as housefather. In February 2018, he married Sreysros Sok who had grown up in the home.

Kampong Thom Home

House parent: Sitha and Sopheaktra

Number of children: 25+

The Kampong Thom children’s home has been a long-time dream for Pastor Sinai Phouek and Pastor Mark Geppert. In August 2017, Sitha Phon (who grew up within NHO) moved with his wife, Sopheaktra, and newborn son to Kampong Thom and started the home. They quickly found eight children who needed somewhere to live. They started providing for these children out of  their own funds; waiting for the children to receive sponsors. At this time, the children are living in a building that used to be a school. NHO owns land in Kampong Thom and the goal is to build a permanent location for the home on that land. The permanent location would also allow for more children to have a safe place to live.

Kampot Home

House parents: Bunthorng and Navy

Number of children: 15+

The Kampot children’s home was built in 2014. Pastor Kimeng Ran and his wife, Sreyvong, had started a church in the local area. Through the church, they were made aware of  a number of  kids who needed a stable place to live because they were either orphaned, abandoned, or whose families were really struggling. This brought about the children’s home to provide for those and other children.

Oddar Meanchey Home

House parents: Vibol and Sambath

Number of children: 55+

Pastor Vibol was saved in 1987 and became a pastor in 1998. After graduating Bible school, he moved to Osmach Commune in Oddar Meanchey Province and started a church. Over the years, he has seen many orphaned, abandoned and needy children in the area and prayed for many years how to help them. He met Pastor Sinai and Mark Geppert and told them of  his desire. They committed to building an NHO children’s home in his area with him as houseparent. Now, construction is underway on a permanent home. Pastor Vibol already has a number of children living in his home and has identified many others who are in need.

Pailin Home

House parents: Ratha and Srey Leak

Number of children: 40+

The Pailin children’s home started because houseparent, Ratha Leap, saw the need in the surrounding communities. In late 2015, land was purchased and construction began. In March 2016 children in need were brought to live in a rental home while waiting for their permanent home to be finished. The permanent location was finished in August 2016 and the children moved in.

Preah Vihear Home

House parents: Chansoly and Vannoeun

Number of children: 30+

The Preah Vihear children’s home was a pre-existing children’s home that was struggling to provide for the children. House parent, Chansoly, contacted New Hope for Orphans (NHO) and asked if  the home could become part of  NHO so that he could continue to help the children. It became an official NHO home in the third quarter of  2013 with the children living in a small church. Construction on a permanent home took place during 2016 and 2017, and the children moved into the new home in late 2017.

Pursat Home

House parents: Yoeum and Thet

Number of children: 35+

In 2008, NHO decided to start a children’s home in the outskirts of  the town of  Pursat. The home started with three boys and a girl. Within the same year, the land was purchased and the building was built for the home that is in place today. Yoeum and his wife, Thet, have been the houseparents at the home since it began.

Phnom Penh Student Center

House parent: Sarouen Svay

Number of students: 20+

The Phnom Penh Student Center is one of the original four children’s homes of NHO; founded in the late 1990s. It was located in various rented locations over the years until the current building was constructed in 2010. Originally serving as a home for children of all ages, it was changed to become a student center for university and technical school students in 2016. The home also serves as a location for kids living at other homes to stay when they need to travel to Phnom Penh for medical treatment. This building also serves as the head offices of NHO and SEAPC-Cambodia, as well as the Fellowship Word of Life Church.

Siem Reap Home

House parents: Bun Chhay and Tharen

Number of children: 20+

Seeing the need to protect children from the sex slave industry in and around the tourist town of  Siem Reap as much as possible, the children’s home was built in 2012. Current houseparents,  Bun Chhay Tharen, have served with Pastor Sinai for almost 18 years. They were the initial house parents at the home in Kampong Cham home until the time that their daughter, Tevy, and her husband, Vandy, took over. They also served at the Phnom Penh home for several years.

Takeo Home

House parents: Samneang and Sophea

Number of children: 30+

The Takeo children’s home is a brand new home started because house parent, Samneang Ouk, saw the need in the surrounding communities. In late 2014, the land was purchased. Land preparation and digging the pond was accomplished in June 2015. Because the children were in need, in July 2015 they were brought to live in a rental home. The permanent location is now finished and the children moved there on May 1, 2017.