When Moon Met the Son

Matthew 13:44 compares the kingdom of heaven to a treasure hidden in a field. A man stumbles upon the treasure and sells all he has to purchase this field. I know it is a parable, but I often wonder how this man saw more than a worthless and discarded wasteland. Did he intentionally seek out the treasure or did he simply appreciate the beauty of the field, thereby opening his eyes to see the nuances? I wonder this, because I want to see things from a kingdom perspective.

Pondering this parable reminds me to seek out the treasure within people and intentionally call forth the gold. If the field took on human form, I want to learn how to properly value and honor people before the treasure manifests. Let me give a real life example.


A medical team recently spent some time in Thailand. It was on this trip that one of the team members discovered a proverbial field named Moon. This man had spent the better part of his life in prison and still has many years to go. On this particular day however, Moon discovered that his life was a field worth dying for. His life was worth the ultimate sacrifice. Moon wept as this truth sunk in. Seeing the treasure within, someone shared with Moon the love of the Father. They told him about God’s love, forgiveness and abundant grace. Prison had aged Moon and I am certain that many people would have overlooked him. It is possible that many already had. This is unfortunate, because appearances do not accurately display someone’s inner value.

It is my understanding that every single person is a field worth dying for. Some people may have treasure hidden a bit deeper than others, but it is still there. In fact, I think that the simple act of acknowledging and loving another person helps uncover the treasure a lot faster.

While I wasn’t at the prison that day, I felt the Lord’s pleasure upon hearing about Moon. The medical team was intended to stay in Laos, but God had alternative plans. Instead, the medical team spent almost all of their time in Thailand. Their sudden shift in agenda allowed one of them to meet Moon. It would not surprise me if the Father had this encounter in mind the whole time. Nothing escapes Him. After all, His love is the kind that leaves the ninety-nine in search of the wandering one.


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