Small Things Can Make a Big Impact

I never realized how this small book, My Precious Book, with some painted pictures along with Bible stories could become such great source of blessings for so many kids in so many areas of their lives. It was only at the time when my friend, Tony, sent us the soft copy of the book and I started to open and read through the book for translation and came to realize that this book is such a great tool in many ways to uplift kids around the world spiritually and educationally (specifically their English skills).

The presentation of the book is very simple and attractive to the children.  Our kids from the home at first didn’t show much interest in receiving the book but after reading a few pages they requested more books to give to their friends from school who are mostly Buddhist. Even my own kids (two sons and a daughter) really love to read the book. My eldest son would read the stories aloud from the book and his younger brother and sister would quietly listen and pay attention to their big brother.

I definitely believe that our enemy, Satan, is becoming frightened that this book will go and spread into the hands of children all over the country and world. I strongly recommended and want to testify that My Precious Book is greatly and specially anointed book by the Lord our God to save so many precious kids around the globe. I always bring some copies of My Precious Book with me wherever I go and visit, and give them to the kids in different areas. I would like to praise my Lord for letting me know that this book is very special and anointed by Him. I thank God and I also want to thank friends from SEAPC who helped us to get this book printed in Myanmar language. I will surely print more books and provide with more kids whenever I get a chance for the sake of God Kingdom.


When ordered in quantities of 500, My Precious Book costs $1.25/book. If you would like to give to this project, please click here (Click the green “give now” button at the top of your screen and give under “other.” Please write My Precious Book in the designation box). We are excited to announce that these books will be handed out, during an upcoming January outreach, to children that do not yet know Jesus.


About the Author
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Thang Chung Nung

Chung Nung is the Charity Children’s Home director in Myanmar, overseeing more than 220 children and 14 staff at two locations.