Praying Through College

This book, Where Have The Children Gone?, began as a small project to encourage the many people who have said to me, “I do not recognize my kid any more. They were raised in a Christian culture, and then they went off to school and now disavow any faith and question the existence of God and the ability to know Him personally.”

Bill Richardson began to do extensive research on the bridge between the spiritual warfare we were encountering in India and the manifestation of the same warfare in the lives of our college students. We found the bridge of thought in the teachings of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who said, “Close the Bible and open the Manu Smirti.”

“Who is Manu?” you might ask.

Where have the children gone coverManu was a contemporary of Noah. According to Hinduism, the ark landed at a high ridge in the Himalaya and the sage, Manu, and seven god/men got down from the ark. The seven god/men traveled the earth with the seed to replenish the life that had been destroyed. Manu wrote the 1,100 chapters of governance for the new earth. So Manu presented life as male and female, in one being. He created the castes, for from his point of view, not all men are created equal. So from his teaching came fatalism, perfection of humanity, degradation of women, and the evolution of all things as opposed to divine intervention in the lives of men. In short, secular humanism.

We purchased the modern translation of Manu’s work and found that it was the core of all “God is dead” teaching of the 1960s and much more. So, we wrote the book. It is the first book edited and published by our office. Tina Tomes did the layout and Sarah Rodden the proofing. Matthew, Tony, and Carli checked on Bill and me to be sure we didn’t stray from the purpose and get distracted by

Manu. Our goal is to now make this book available through Pray Americas to the parents and ministers of college-aged youth. Each day discusses the vocabulary the student will learn and the biblical response.

We encourage daily prayer for the student and scheduled face time. We encourage a loving, non-confrontational Christian apologetic based in the student’s personal experience with God through Christ.

There is some cost involved in the printing and distribution of the book, but we do not want to hinder the student or parents from obtaining it, so we have “eaten” the cost.

Please contact us for copies for your church, prayer group, support group, and campus ministries.

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Mark Geppert

Mark Geppert, Founder of SEAPC, has over 40 years of international missions experience in over thirty countries. He has authored four books: The Attack Lambs, Stepping Stones, Bridges and A Faith To Die For. He travels extensively to teach, network, oversee and inspire existing projects and research new avenues for sustainability and evangelization. He and his wife, Ellie, have two sons and two grandsons.