Praying for Our Nation

“I [Jesus] have come that they may have LIFE, and have it more abundantly…” – John 10:10

This year, Pray Americas focuses on the fervent desire of God to sweep our nation with an entrenched Culture of Life. This culture carries great blessings and equally great consequences. The culture of life is one that insists on the protection of life as a part of the image of God. It must never be compromised or contaminated. To do so would give an invitation for the devourer mentioned in John 10 to enter in and have his way among us. We don’t want any part of him or his presence in our nation.

God is the source of life, therefore life is not to be altered by human hands. We are the stewards of life, not the owners of it.  As a grateful father of five children, I continue to learn how holy and sacred life is to God himself. As a dad, I love the significance found in the meaning of the word “life” found in John 10:10. This word “zoe” in the Greek text means the eternal life of God found in our physical and spiritual being. It references the quality of life that God as a good father planned for all creation to enjoy. This is a higher perspective. It is the perspective of the Father’s eyes upon His children.

We must pray for our nation with this same sight! Praying from this vantage point changes the way we pray in both intensity and the joyful expectation in our hearts.

Our standard of life must be rooted in the standard that our Father made it to be. In our nation, there is heavy pressure to compromise and bend the value and sacredness of life to fit human standards and definitions in many different areas. Our goal as children of our Father is to protect all fellow image-bearers of God. We are those that stand in the gap for life from the womb to the tomb and into eternity! Praying for and carrying the culture of life is an essential part of bearing the image of God.

This year as you join us for Pray Americas, we are praying for you!

We pray that the fearless love and the boldness of our Father will strengthen you. Let it give you the courage to pray for and carry a culture of life into the culture that surrounds you. You will feel the change as you do! You will see eyes around you open to what life is according to our Father’s heart.

About the Author
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John Paul Sprecher

John Paul Sprecher is the Missions Director for SEAPC, and a blessed father of five children and husband to Paula. He has a life-passion to carry the Father’s Heart into our world.