In His Timing

Shwe Li Zar and Lili Par are two young ladies who have not only been blessed by Charity Children’s Home in Yangon but are now, in turn, blessing the home. Both girls grew up at the children’s home, and are now back working as seamstresses and blessing both the children and staff alike.

Lili Par (on left) and Shwe Li Zar today (Photo by Andy Ong)

Shwe Li Zar came to the home when she was eight years old. She grew up in a family of 10 children, and she is third born in the family. Her younger sister, Za New Sung, also lives at the home with her. She and her sister came to the children’s home because her family could not afford to support all of the children. The village in which she lived also did not have a school, so she could not get an education either. Once she arrived at the children’s home, she was able to start going to school, but she only studied until 10th grade because she had a difficult time passing the required exam.

During the summer break in 2018, Shwe Li Zar went home for a short time to visit her family. She found her father to be in very poor health, and she knew she needed to do something to help him and her family. Once she returned to the children’s home, she spoke with house parents Chung Nung and Dim and asked if she could attend a vocational training instead of trying to pass the grade 10 exam again. They agreed that she would attend a training school for sewing. Chung Nung and Dim decided they would support her in any financial or material needs. After she had completed her training, she came back to the home to help sew the school uniforms for all of the children. Her prayer is to become a successful tailor so that she can help support her family and her sick father.

Lili Par (on left) and Shwe Li Zar at the children’s home in September 2010

Lili Par arrived at the children’s home with her older brother, Lal Ku Pui, when she was only five years old. Her parents divorced when she was very young. Her mother moved away to India and abandoned the children, and her father eventually remarried and stopped taking care of them. At the children’s home, she stayed in school until grade nine but found it difficult to pass the grade nine exam. She decided that she did not want to continue trying to pass the exam, so she moved home with her grandfather. After a short while, she decided to find a job on her own, and eventually moved to the city of Mandalay, to work in a private sewing company. At this job, she was not trained, so she had to teach herself how to sew. Later on, she had the desire to move back to Yangon but found the working conditions of most sewing factories to be unbearable, and the pay was not sufficient either. After having no luck finding a suitable working environment, she came back to Charity Children’s Home to seek help from Chung Nung and Dim. They thought it would be best for her to work alongside Shwe Li Zar to strengthen her sewing skills. Chung Nung and Dim were able to purchase a new sewing machine for her to use, and she is now helping to sew the children’s school uniforms.

Because of the generosity of Chung Nung and Dim to provide the sewing machines for the girls, and their desire to see them be successful, these girls are on their way to building strong careers. Shwe Li Zar and Lili Par are now doing all the sewing for the 200 children at the children’s home and also the students at Acts Bible College. The children’s home is now able to save money because it costs less to have the girls sew the uniforms than to pay for an outside business to do so. Not only that, the girls are tailoring the uniforms to each specific child because they are personally measuring and cutting forms for every individual uniform. Every child at the home now has two beautiful uniforms—something that was not possible before. The quality of the uniforms is also better than what they previously purchased from outside businesses.

Their stories are proof that God works in mysterious ways, and His timing is always perfect. God has blessed these two girls with an incredible gift, and because they chose to follow His will for their lives, they are now seeing the fruit of it. Please continue to pray with us that Shwe Li Zar and Lili Par would be encouraged in their work and would feel God’s blessing upon them.

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Erin Wimer

Erin started working with SEAPC in August of 2018. She is the Raising Kids Coordinator. Erin serves SEAPC on a daily basis through overseeing child sponsor data, communicating with sponsors, and praying for the children’s homes.