High Places

And what a group it was. Teenage twins from Ontario and their proud parents joining their cousins to come to Mount Kailash, the believed home of the Hindu god Shiva. The mountain worshipped by Hindus, Buddhists, and Tibetans from 2,500 BC had never been host to a public Christian worship. From its snow melt flow the Indus, Ganges, Me Kong, Yangtze, and Lhasa Rivers. Here, in the literal High Place of the earth, the team had assembled, found favor with the local police, and were ready to use the allowed two hours to lift up the name of Jesus.

The twins played violins and Greta led the worship. Gifted with a beautiful voice and a great set of lungs, she recovered from the effects of 17,000 feet and led the others in songs of praise. Her color changed from a greenish yellow to glowing pink and her voice echoed from the hills. The local people came as if drawn by magnets. They had never heard such a voice or felt such an anointing. The team members blew up balloons and wrote Jesus Loves You in Chinese and gave them to the people. Some of the men assembled around Dan Taylor and he began to minister healing to people. The first was amazingly touch of the Lord and the crowd grew rapidly.

Prayer team, worship team, children’s team all functioned in unity of purpose and power. It was one of the most amazing teams I have ever served. Each member had struggles with the altitude and spiritual environment. We had been on the top of the world across the Tibetan Plateau, sleeping in bags in two-person tents, traveling in Land Cruisers, and loving each other.

Now we were at the summit of the experience. And we were not disappointed.

Many were healed, all prayed to know Jesus. All received the gospel in a way they could understand and then the police arrived. They came in two cars, right on time, blinked the lights, and we immediately moved along. Cooperation with authority releases more authority. Moving to the guest house in which we stayed, we answered a million questions for other guests and local people. More were healed and many more received the Lord.

The Lord inhabits the praises of His people. He rides on high as they lift Him up. His name is above every name. As you follow Greta and overcome discomfort with praise, your change will affect your environment and those around you. Working together with other gifts makes a synergistic whole greater than the sum of the parts. Jesus is the increase.

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Mark Geppert

Mark Geppert is the founder of SEAPC and is committed to changing lives through prayer, channeling resources into humanitarian projects, raising up prayer teams which will penetrate unreached people groups in the nations, and nurturing new ministries through affiliation all over the world.