Celebrating Easter in Cambodia

The Easter season is usually a time when Christians express joy from the knowledge that their Savior conquered death and also in that way delivered forgiveness to the world, including Cambodia. Even still, for many, Easter is simply a vacation time as well as a time for exchanging chocolate eggs and making the most of the start of (hopefully) an early spring.

This Easter, due to the recession throughout the country, many individuals are more vulnerable than usual. However, you’ll find signs of healing, as people work to cope with their problems. That makes the meaning associated with Easter even more significant, for the joy of the resurrection came soon after Christ confronted the worries and also the trials associated with Holy Week.

In the days following the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Christ seemed to be at his most vulnerable. Throughout the cleansing of the Temple, the weeping over Jerusalem, and the final meals together with friends, Christ knew what would take place over the next few days. In his humanity, Christ must have struggled with the fear and also weakness that it can bring. For those who are struggling with the challenges that come along with modern day existence, the events surrounding Holy Week offer a sense of hope. These worries are usually no less genuine nevertheless, even knowing that there is always hope.

Adjustments in life and also the loss of security are usually painful, yet they can also be an opportunity to find that all isn’t lost. Easter is a wonderful reminder that despite loss of life, there is resurrection. Christ had to experience horrible suffering for you to start a whole new existence. He had to reduce his own existence and be resurrected on the third day so that he could deliver all of humanity.

The truth of the resurrection for Christians is a message of hope and it is one that we are called to share with our friends and neighbors wherever they are. We wish everyone a joyful Easter!

~ Pastor Vanna

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