An Unexpected Connection

During a fundraising event, it is often hard to gauge who receives the bigger blessing – the giver or the receiver. This definitely rings true for some recent SEAPC Coins for Kids campaigns held at local Walmart stores.

On one occasion, I approached a small family consisting of two parents and three little girls. I received a quick “no” to my request for a donation, as the parents mumbled something about having no extra cash on hand, and tried to direct their girls toward the parking lot. One of the little girls was equally quick to pipe up and say, “But mommy I have change in my purse!” Before her mom could reply, the child dumped all the coins from her purse into the collection box. The second little girl followed suit. Not to be “one-upped” by her sisters, the third girl also plopped a handful of coins into the box. There may have been a grin on my face as I watched this little drama un-fold, but I am willing to bet that there was an even bigger grin on the face of Jesus!

Another fundraiser heralded an unusual exchange which put a new spin on the saying “it’s a small world,” proving that it can be more accurate to say “it’s a big kingdom.” Hearty, dedicated volunteers braved the bitter cold elements during another SEAPC Coins for Kids collection day. Freezing temperatures combined with gusts of wind carrying swirling snowflakes made most folks reluctant to chat, or even stop long enough to drop their coins or bills into the collection box. Despite conditions, Ryan, a young man from a local church group, agreed to brave the elements and help to run the collection table for a few hours.

Ryan had one especially amazing conversation during his shift. As two men approached, Ryan started talking to them and discovered that the two men were brothers from Myanmar, one of the countries that SEAPC serves. Not only were they from Myanmar, but the two brothers had grown up in an orphanage that had relational ties to one of our partner homes in Myanmar. These brothers were overjoyed to personally meet someone directly representing SEAPC, and gave a generous donation.

Only God could arrange for two brothers from Myanmar to “happen” upon that Walmart on that particular day, and encounter representatives from SEAPC. In God’s kingdom there are no boundaries, only bridges connecting one place to another.

As both of these fundraising exchanges attest, God’s blessing truly abound!


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About the Author
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Jeannie Fleming

Jeannie Fleming started working with SEAPC in 2014. She works with media relations for the communications department. Jeannie serves SEAPC on a daily basis through interfacing with the media to get coverage of SEAPC related events and projects. She also helps the SEAPC representatives to gain media coverage in each of their geographical areas. Additionally, she works with SEAPC international interns to help them improve their English language proficiency levels.