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We have now walked among the youth of a nation, crisscrossing daily from state to state in order to stand publicly on every major college campus for the purpose of prayer. I’m happy to report to you that public prayer and saying the name of Jesus is not only lawful but also very much welcomed on the grounds of college campuses today.

I have now witnessed firsthand the power of prayer to bring students, professors, provosts, and administrators to tears. Those tears turn dry ground into fertile soil for the future. Revival, the magnificent new life that so many are desperate for in this nation, will surely spring forth from those grounds. Each tear carries compassion and purpose. Not one tear ever shed on this earth was in vain. This nation has now wept before God in prayer with a purpose in hope to see its past forgotten and its future re-written in Christ.

A gentle smile, a kind word, an offer of prayer, and the simple Gospel of Jesus have changed the lives of many. They’d say, “You have no idea what I’m going through right now.” As one lady said, “We needed this so badly!” My favorite quote came from the young lady directing the visitors center at our nation’s very first state university, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She said, “We only had one student at UNC the first year and he walked 386 miles (621 km) to attend.” I asked, “What did he study?” She responded, “I don’t know for sure but by the second semester, he had helped to build a chapel.”

And the truth remains for the nation that our greatness cannot be restored by the works of our hands, nor was it ever given but through prayer built on the cornerstone of our faith. That faith causes us to take action. Those actions glorify God, influence others, and cause us to prosper. Together we have prayed; now let the glory of God fill this nation.

We are grateful for those who joined us globally to pray through our partners at Every Home for Christ, Awakening America Alliance, The Billy Graham Library, Generals International, and National Church. Because of these partnerships, more than 200,000 people have joined in through prayer.

“Where Have The Children Gone?”, written by my father, Pastor Mark Geppert, in response to several requests by parents, professors, and friends was distributed nationwide and has now been translated for Chinese and Spanish readers. This free, 30-day prayer guide prepares parents and leaders to understand the words our students are learning in their college years and helps us to prepare our hearts with the words we need to speak into their lives.

If you know of a parent, pastor, or youth leader in need of this resource, we want to make it available to you without charge. Please contact our office for requests.

Let Grace abound and unity spread, as a year of revival grows in this nation.

About the Author
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Matthew Geppert

Matt serves as the President of SEAPC. He first joined SEAPC as a regional representative in 2003 after graduating from the University of Montana’s Environmental Studies program. Matt became the President of SEAPC in 2014 after his father, SEAPC founder Mark Geppert, retired. His years at SEAPC have provided him with the opportunity to serve and participate in nation-changing Christ-centered projects. He also serves as an advisor to a number of ministry boards in the U.S. and abroad.