SEAPC Coins for Kids

Lives Changed Through Spare Change

April 17, 2018 |SEAPC Coins for Kids |Jessica Geppert

SEAPC Coins for Kids, now in its 11th year, has raised over $200,000 just in spare change since its inception! What a blessing! Adults and kids of all ages have …

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SEAPC Coins for Kids Fall Campaign

October 5, 2017 |SEAPC Coins for Kids |Jessica Geppert

We are in our 10th year of SEAPC Coins for Kids. Since it was established in 2007, SEAPC Coins for Kids has raised over $196,000! Here are some ways that …

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Give with Joy

January 27, 2016 |SEAPC Coins for Kids |Jessica Geppert

2016 is a new year, which will bring two new SEAPC Coins for Kids campaigns. These campaigns will bring lots of blessings to kids in need around the world! Praise …

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Spare Change, Changed Lives

October 27, 2015 |SEAPC Coins for Kids |Jessica Geppert

There’s a poem about finding a penny and having good luck. Well, I am not sure about having good luck, but you will certainly have a penny in your pocket, …

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