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Erin Wimer

Raising Kids Coordinator

Erin started working with SEAPC in August of 2018. She is the Raising Kids Coordinator. Erin serves SEAPC on a daily basis through overseeing child sponsor data, communicating with sponsors, and praying for the children’s homes.

Where was your first international trip? How old were you?

My first international trip was to England when I was 12. My family and I were visiting some of my dad’s relatives who live there.

What initially inspired your heart for missions?

My heart for missions grew from my first missions trip to Belize when I was 17. We volunteered for 2 weeks at a children’s camp and seeing the joy on the kids’ faces is something I will remember forever.

Where is the most memorable place you have prayer walked and why?

The most memorable place that I have prayer walked is in Red Square in Moscow, Russia. Having the beautiful Saint Basil’s Cathedral in the background made the experience completely overwhelming.

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Erin Wimer