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Carly Land

Missions Coordinator

Carly started working with SEAPC in November 2016. She is the missions coordinator. Carly serves SEAPC on a daily basis by connecting with those who are led by the Holy Spirit into the mission field and positioning them to use their God-given abilities and desires to spread the gospel and advance the Kingdom. Within this role, she also tackles all of the trip logistics for these individuals and teams, striving to create a stress-free and positive experience where God’s will and purpose can brightly shine through.


Where was your first international trip?

My first international trip was to San Luis, Mexico with Caring Hearts Ministry in January 2008. I had just graduated from college in December so I was 22 years old.

What initially inspired your heart for missions?

That first trip to Mexico opened my eyes to a whole new world! I ventured to Haiti a few years later with an incredible young women of God, who I called friend, and who is now smiling in heaven with her Father. Her love for the least and her love for Jesus was like nothing I had ever seen. She was the missions coordinator at the church I was attending at the time and ever since meeting her, I’ve been aspiring to have a heart so caring and full and a career so meaningful.

Where is the most memorable place you have prayer walked and why?

Prayer walking was a new idea to me when I started working for SEAPC. In the little amount of time that I’ve been with the organization, I had the opportunity to prayer walk at one of the largest spiritual centers in the world; Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I was continuously flooded with the thought of how powerful our God is and how that power overcomes and crushes the enemy. It was an exhilarating experience!


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