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Bill Richardson

Special Operations Director

Bill Richardson officially started working with SEAPC in the spring of 2015, though he has been a friend of the ministry for many years. He is the special operations director for the missions department. Bill serves SEAPC daily through building a research database for missions endeavors and needs around the world, as well as leading teams of individuals on disaster relief trips.

Where was your first international trip? How old were you?

My first international trip was to Guatemala when I was at 15.

What initially inspired your heart for missions?

The Lord spoke to me while I was helping to dig the foundation for a church on my first mission trip with Brother Mark Geppert.

Where is the most memorable place you have prayer walked and why?

During the Fall of 1984, I was in Nepal with a trekking team that Brother Mark and Charles Mendies were leading. We had just climbed the highest mountain in Kathmandu valley and there was a Buddhist stupa on top of the mountain and I remember climbing on it and proclaiming that “Our God reigns and Jesus is Lord of Nepal.” Every time I am in Nepal, I proclaim the same thing.


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